Alumni Q&A: Arno, Finanzfluss co-founder

Wise alum Arno

Wise alumni

Working at Wise taught me a lot about setting yourself up for success and measuring progress. Things like planning work on a quarterly basis, setting and working towards KPIs, working with affiliates, doing competitive analysis and building effective teams.

The freedom I was given at Wise to test solutions and figure out my priorities really built my confidence to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Current role: Co-founder, Finanzfluss

When did you join Wise and how long did you work here?

I joined Wise in 2016 and worked in the SEO team for just over 3 years.

Why did you join Wise?

I worked at an agency before and was looking for a company that worked directly with customers rather than with clients. I wanted to work in a startup and was a happy Wise customer since 2012, which made me apply for a role here.

I discovered that Wise put a lot of value into SEO given the amount of languages and currencies they work with and how the pages could be scaled through tools like our currency comparison. I thought it’d be great to work for a business that fully understood the impact of SEO. 

What did you do at Wise?

I worked in the SEO team, focusing on research, strategy and building our blog content to scale our customer base.

What did you like the most about working here?

My favourite thing about working at Wise was the impact our product had on our customers. It was great to work on something that’s solving a customer problem and impacting people’s lives positively.

What does your business do?

My friend and I started Finanzfluss to help customers take control of their finances. We create educational, informative content about all things finance like understanding banking, investing, insurance and credit. This includes everything from comparison calculators for mortgages to blogs about investing and saving money.

We started the company before I’d even joined Wise but when I left, I decided to move to Berlin to work on the business full-time.