Marketing at Wise – behind the scenes of Editorial Content

A group of Wise employees at a publicity stunt against hidden fees

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Hi, my name is Milena and I work as content producer on the editorial team here at Wise. So what exactly does that mean? Let me tell you.

At Wise, we mostly speak to people around the world that live an international life, and therefore could benefit from the products Wise offers. 

When it comes to content we share, we write and produce relevant and engaging pieces that are not only informative and educational, but also make managing money internationally an interesting topic (it’s possible, I promise!). 

How does the content we produce reach people? 

The content we produce is typically promoted across various social media channels, where it introduces Wise’s products to millions of readers. This means we not only tailor the content to the different audiences we target, but also to what works best in different channels and regions. We don’t always know what that is, making the whole process of figuring it out quite fun. Think testing combinations of Facebook copy, design assets, engagement on landing pages by analysing heat maps, user testing and so on. 

We’re also often testing new channels and formats, such as branded content partnerships with media publishers and influencers, always making sure we find the right partners with audiences that will help us grow not only awareness, but also product adoption. We tackle things like increasing awareness in Brazil using local influencers in our content, we interview customers in Malaysia, Australia and Colombia and share their personal stories and struggles, and always look for opportunities to share the Wise mission in fun ways. 

On a daily basis, content producers at Wise work with designers that help us with all things visual, performance teams that send over briefs and discuss opportunities with us within their markets and segments and creative teams as a whole. We participate in cross-team campaigns such as product launch announcements and other wider marketing campaigns, both in the ideation phase and execution. 

What are some of the challenges in our day to day? 

One of the first things I mentioned here was that we want our content to be both relevant and engaging — and to introduce the Wise product suite. Imagine staying true to that when you’re reaching people of all ages and backgrounds that often have only one overarching thing in common: living an international life. That can mean someone with family in another country, an international student trying to adapt to a new reality away from home, a new business owner trying to make it —  anyone within an international connection. The list goes on. It’s tricky to make sure all these audiences feel like their needs and interests are being addressed in the content they come across. But that leads me to the coolest part of the job!

Out of this challenge we created the Lives Without Borders content series, where we speak to and meet customers all over the world that have amazing stories to tell. The series became one of our content pillars and proves that we can turn international payments into unique, compelling content.

Wise team members interviewing one of our customerswise team member and customer talkingWise customer

A trip to Brazil, during which we met with 8 different customers.

Learning so much about different audiences, and at Wise especially, different cultures, behaviours and struggles that come with a truly global lifestyle, is incredibly rewarding when you get it right. And that’s what makes the job of a content producer both challenging and fun. 


BTW – we’re always looking for more creative minds in our marketing team. Check out our open roles here.

We’re hiring. Check out our open roles.