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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about digital advertising? Is it YouTube ads, Facebook ads, or perhaps Google ads? 

In the Paid Display team, our goal is to sustainably acquire new users – like it is for any advertiser, on any platform. But our work goes far beyond those first platforms that spring to mind. Paid Display is one of the youngest paid advertising channels at Wise, so our team has grown and learned a lot, quickly. 

We’re hiring. Check out our open roles.

So, what is Paid Display? 

It all started with one person in our London office, working on scaling localised app campaigns beyond borders. At that time, Paid Display channels sat within the Paid Search team. But we soon realised there’s so much potential in these channels, and decided they need their own team. The team has since grown to three people, moved to the mystical land of Estonia, and is now promoting the Wise app in 50+ countries and 11+ languages globally.

Thus far, the main focus of our channel has been to drive new users through running global app install campaigns. This is a fairly new, but useful avenue, as more and more people are managing their finances from their phones. 

Think about it – how many times did you physically visit your bank last year? Isn’t it easier to receive, send and invest on your phone, from wherever you are? That’s the kind of convenience we want to bring to everyone’s lives and mobile phones.

Last year alone, we drove over 1 million app installs through our Paid Display ads. Looking at current trends in the market, the fast growth of our product, team and platforms, we’re aiming to introduce our app to even more potential customers this year!

The smarter way to send money internationally

No two days look the same – there’s so much to learn and experiment with

We’re a team of curious, driven individuals from different backgrounds and we all have our specific strengths. The environment at Wise allows each of us to continue pushing our boundaries every day, working on areas where can have the most impact. We love experimenting – obviously, as a new channel – and rely heavily on testing new display and video activity across different platforms such as Discovery Ads (the ads you see in Google’s news feed, Gmail promotions tab, etc.), YouTube, Amazon, Quora and more. 

No two days look the same in the Paid Display team! There’s always so much to learn. Some days you’ll be meeting external partners to discuss your campaign performance, other days you’ll be generating new ideas for images and videos with the design and creative team. Other times, you’re analysing data, doing market research on the regions you’re targeting, looking at marketing trends, and identifying new advertising opportunities. to try out. If you find something cool that hasn’t been tested before – you’re encouraged to go for it. All this, of course, while you’re managing your regional campaign performance on a daily basis. 

Paid Display is a perfect blend of analytics and creativity. My role gives me the freedom to always try new approaches, and closely work with other teams like  Analytics, Creative, Product, Customer Support, and many more. This in turn means I always have to look at the bigger picture – whether our team’s projects and goals align with the rest of the team’s. Because that’s the only way we’ll achieve our mission of money without borders. And on a personal note, this freedom means I never feel restricted or stuck in a daily management rut.

I joined the team with a non-analytical background and learnt everything from scratch, which goes to show how much room there is to grow at Wise and how helpful everyone is in getting you up to speed. As long as you’re passionate and resilient, you’ll always find people at Wise, challenging you to do your best.

Cakes and high fives are important, too

The best part, however, is the cakes and high fives around the office. And to my surprise, that’s doable over Zoom calls too! The team has really learned how to keep the spirit alive, while working apart. 

With our small team in this growing company, it definitely feels like working  in a startup within a scale-up. We’re always looking for like-minded, passionate people to join our mission to make the Wise app the only one people think of and download to manage their money internationally. 

If you’d like to help us reach new global audiences at scale, check out our open roles.

We’re hiring. Check out our open roles.