Marketing at Wise – working in the SEO Content Team

The SEO Content Team circa 2019

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The work for the SEO team at Wise begins when someone makes a search on Google. With our magic skills, we already know you may be searching for this. Our job is well done if we show up in the results with the best information about that topic.

That’s the kind of impact the SEO team at Wise is proud of.

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The big SEO machine 

Inside the massive SEO works, the team I work in handles the blog content – spanning across 30 countries, 18 languages, and attracting millions of readers every month.

What’s amazing about all of this is that unlike paid ads, organic content only shows up when the user searches for it themselves. This way we can serve our growing Wise community at a minimal cost of scaling up, and pass on our savings to them until eventually free – the Mission Zero.

And just like Rome, it wasn’t built in a day. Or by one person. The blog content team has SEO Content Specialists such as myself who plan, create, and manage content in their respective markets. 

Speaking of the team, it’s actually one of my favourite parts of this role.

The SEO Content Team circa 2019

Bearing the flag of one of the most multicultural teams at Wise, we have people from Russia, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Turkey, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Estonia, UK, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Philippines, India, Germany, Serbia, and Japan. Among us, we speak 20+ languages.

And our diversity doesn’t end there – we also have an equal gender balance, as well as multiple members of the LGBTQ+ community in our SEO team.

Trust me, you can’t begin to imagine the discussions we have in our team meetings. One of them famously involved ‘is burrito a sandwich?’ 

(PS: It’s been years, and we still don’t know)

SEO team in Tallinn holding up paintings

SEO team in Tallinn is the creative kind

SEO team in budapest standing on a racing podium

While the Budapest SEO team is all about that adrenaline rush

The Wise mission > everything else

When I joined the team back in 2019, I remember being asked about my motivation to get up and go to work at this job. I told them that I am an ardent reader, and that’s why I know the importance of good content. What gets me going is the feeling of creating something that helps people solve problems, and discover if Wise can help them.

That’s also really at the heart of our mission in the blog content team – to create the world’s best content for people without borders. Every quarter, we brainstorm to think about who is someone who would love Wise, and what would they be searching for. Then, we come up with a way to help them by creating informative articles that can be discovered when anyone searches the related query.

The world of international money management is complicated, or at least it’s made so by many big banks and providers. Because that’s how they’re able to justify high costs and big spreads on exchange rates. By bringing radical transparency, our team expands on Wise’s mission by empowering the user with honest comparisons, explanations and information.

We’re hiring. Check out our open roles.