WiseTalks: Building Transparent Product Roadmaps with Wise, Atlassian and Up Banking

Wise talks zoom presentation


Every quarter, we’ve committed to publishing a Mission Roadmap – to show our community of customers what features we’ll be building next. We released our first iteration in Q2 of 2021 and frankly, it was overdue as we’re so deeply guided by a focus on transparency in everything we do.

Getting started with building a roadmap was tricky, but luckily we have a few tech peers to look up to. For a WiseTalks session, we invited two of them – Atlassian and Up Banking – to share their experience and learnings from building a transparent product roadmap.



  • Sarah Joshi, Principal Product Manager at Atlassian
  • Anson Parker, Head of Product at Up Banking
  • Daniel Thomason, Senior Product Manager at Wise

Moderated by Lindsey Grossman, Director of NorthAm Product at Wise