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If the phrase ‘small but mighty’ belongs anywhere, it’s tattooed on our foreheads. A growing team, in a growing company; we like to get things done. Fortunately (while I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a tattoo artist) I left the ink to the professionals, and tried my hand at building customer comms instead. 

At Wise, I’ve had the opportunity to integrate a novel CRM system, take full ownership of our customer lifecycles, think creatively and strategically about both team and projects, and feel challenged by our mission every single day. This October, my CRM career turns four, and I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather spend this, and future career milestones, than with the CRM team at Wise.

Before we dive in, here’s some key phrases to get familiar with. These underpin and describe our work, and are basically our raison d’etre.

  • Customer Relationship Management: represents the strategy / philosophy  that guides a company on how relationships with customers should be managed. 
  • Customer Retention Marketing: a set of tactics and activities taken to engage, retain and monetize their customer base.
  • CRM System: the technology product that enables a company to undertake, record, report and analyse all interactions with their customers.

We’re hiring. Check out our open roles.

How we like to work

Honestly? Our approach is a fine cocktail of process and hustle. We’re part of the wider Marketing team, and work closest with Product Marketing Managers, across B2B and B2C. It doesn’t stop there though. We support Research, Product, CS, PR, even recruitment teams. That requires a clear end-to-end process that’s transparent and robust. We do our best work when we’re involved from the very beginning. It’s in these kick-off meetings that we can apply our expert channel, frequency and segmentation knowledge to get the most out of any campaign. From here, we collaborate with Designers, Copywriters and Product Marketers to come up with a data-led strategy for communicating with customers that’ll build trust, drive engagement and product adoption. Magic. 

We’re obsessed with testing. We’re fuelled by turning insight into action. We want each customer to be informed, empowered and inspired to take control of their international banking needs. Ultimately, we’re building a motivated, empowered & capable team, accurate and actionable data, best in class CRM technology, and operational excellence.

What makes ours a dream team?

Big question. To answer it, I thought about the characteristics we share and those we value. My mind then wandered, and I thought, if we were an animal, what would we be? Conveniently, I thought of three, one for each letter in ‘CRM’. A complete coincidence, I promise.


Drawing of chameleonFirst, we have the versatile chameleon. An adaptable creature, that commands attention one minute, and lays low the next. Our versatility and adaptability is vital when considering the multitude of internal and external customers we look after. We need to learn about, prioritise and adapt to global markets, and be ready to paint a colourful picture, propelled by data and insights, to get stakeholders on board with our wider comms strategy. Every step of the customer lifecycle journey, every time we talk to customers, whether it’s via email, push, in-app or anything else, we strive for one cohesive voice. So, whether it’s an Aussie couple moving across the globe, a brave European starting a brand new eco-friendly business venture in Brazil, or a driven Ghanaian saving for college abroad, our chameleon alter-ego will ensure Wise can be there to support them, with precisely the right message, at the right time and through the right channel.


Drawing of a rhino

Then, there’s the Rhino – the “armoured” animal. With skin x3 thicker than the average animal, relative to its size, this magnificent beast is both highly resilient and sensitive to its environment. One of its defining characteristics though, is it’s ability to charge when necessary. A role in CRM will teach you to hone your leadership and networking skills, so you too will know when it’s best to dive headfirst into a challenge, or re-assess and try a new angle. When prioritising the customer, you’ll need to assess the impact of your work, and tailor your focus accordingly. Equally, the Rhino is always aware of its surroundings, including other animals, just as we’re aware of competition. Yet neither we, nor Rhinos, allow it to sway our decisions. We’re leaders, not followers here.

Drawing of a manta ray


Finally, the Manta Ray. No. Not because we’re likened to its nickname, the ‘Devilfish’. As the saying goes, never judge a book by it’s cover, or a CRM team by its mascots, apparently. Manta Rays actually have incredibly social and curious natures, not to mention massive brains! We apply their attributes to our approach to sharing knowledge, insights and spreading comms best practice, so everyone can benefit. If you’re eager to learn, can’t sleep without testing out a theory or a hunch and can take the wheel whenever you need to, you’re in the right place.


So, what’s next?

One thing’s for certain, we’re growing – fast. Since joining Wise as the first official CRMer back in 2020, our team’s grown to four fantastic hybrid humans. And we’re not slowing down. Spoiler alert – we’re hiring. Our plan is to double again by the end of the year. So, if you’re passionate about driving positive change for millions of people, globally, let’s talk.

We’re hiring. Check out our open roles.