Volunteer Day: Combining family time with volunteering


At Wise, all employees across the world have an annual paid Volunteer Day to contribute to a cause close to their heart. Helo Tamme, People Partner at Wise, used hers this year to help a local food bank. Here’s how it went:

I had the honour of participating in the Food Collection Day in a local supermarket in Viljandi, organised by the Food Bank to support people from vulnerable backgrounds. I chose the small town of Viljandi in the South of Estonia for volunteering, because though it’s a few hours drive from my current home town Tallinn, it’s where my roots are and where I grew up. What made this day even more special was sharing it with my two children, turning it into a memorable family experience.

Volunteering alongside my kids added an extra layer of significance to the day. As there were only two other volunteers in Viljandi on that Friday, my little helpers didn’t just assist, but contributed fully, handing out leaflets to spread awareness about the Food Collection Day, while I focused on collecting, sorting, and packaging the donated items. 

Despite the inevitable exhaustion that comes with an active day in a new environment, their genuine enjoyment was evident, creating lasting memories for all of us.

At first, we planned to volunteer for only one day. However, when we learned that there was a shortage of volunteers for the following day, my kids and I didn’t hesitate to sign up for a second day as well, to support the local community.

The volunteering experience was a great opportunity to give back to those in need while spending valuable time with my children. It was a chance to create meaningful moments and instil the importance of volunteering and community service in their hearts. The Food Collection Day wasn’t just about collecting provisions; it was about nurturing a sense of responsibility and empathy in the next generation.

Did you know that across Estonia, approximately 19,604 people need assistance every week?

This year, at Christmas Food Collection Days in Estonia:

  • People donated 35,177 kg of food items
  • 77 retail stores participated across the country
  • 1,200 volunteers contributed their efforts.