Wisers Giving Back lands in Budapest to bring holiday cheer


Following the successful launch of our Global Wisers Giving Back program in Singapore, we’re now extending its reach to Budapest in collaboration with the Artemisszió Foundation and their intercultural MIRA community Our mission remains steadfast: driving sustainable impact at the grassroots level, as we persist in our efforts to engage with and support the local refugee community.

The Wisers Giving Back Program is committed to providing financial inclusion opportunities in our vulnerable communities. It’s a core part of our border social impact ecosystem, supported by our People Without Borders pillar, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities.

Similarly to ItsRainingRaincoats, our Singaporean partner, we selected the Artemisszió foundation and their MIRA community for their work with refugees and migrants in Budapest. The MIRA community is an initiative of the foundation dedicated to fostering social integration and financial independence among migrants and refugees in Budapest.

Wise offers a paid volunteer day to all employees so they can give back to their community. This year, Wisers took part in numerous volunteering activities organised by MIRA, including a Santa Claus and Christmas decoration workshop, a winter hike to Dobogókő and helping with the end of year celebration with shopping and cooking.

Péter Almási, part of our Payment Operations team, helped organise the winter hike. 

“I’ve had the chance to be the guide of a very spectacular hike of about 10 km along one of the most beautiful parts of the Pilis from Pilisszentkereszt to Dobogó-kő with the most amazing group of 9. The event was organised by Mira Intercultural Community Hungary which has many members in Budapest from all over the world and they organise all kinds of intercultural programs and activities. We were very lucky because the Pilis Hills were dressed in white and we really experienced a winter wonderland during our hike. When we reached the top, we celebrated our success with delicious mulled wine but unfortunately couldn’t enjoy the view of the Danube-curve due to the cloudy weather. Still, the snowy forest made up for it and everyone was very happy and a bit exhausted by the end of the day.”

While some Wisers participated in the end of year celebration.  “It was incredibly rewarding to be able to cook Afghan and Turkish food for a community that always gives back to people/refugees. It was especially lovely to learn more about each other  through food – we basically spent all day talking about food and learning about each other’s culture. It was rewarding to create something that was tangible and something that will hopefully fill others with warmth and care. Also, there is no better team building activity then chopping vegetables and trying to figure out what spices to use,” said Bianka Tárkány Szūcs, from the People team.

Francoise Kokroko and Michelle Bucher from the Customer Support team attended the Christmas decoration workshop. “Michelle and I attended the volunteering activity on 6th December at Mira Haz. It was a super fun evening as we had to get creative with the crafts and having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and vibing with them in that setting was definitely something. We ended up making super cute Christmas tree ornaments and colourful bookmarks for the kids. If anyone wants to get involved or give back to the community, reach out to Mira International. They have a lot of exciting events.”

It’s great to see Wisers give back to their community and we look forward to offering more volunteering opportunities for Wisers. As a global Fintech, we know it’s our duty to contribute to meaningful change. The Wisers Giving Back program marks just the beginning of our commitment to drive impactful, systemic and sustainable social impact. We’re looking forward to making a lasting impact.