Tampa Wisers use their volunteer day to give back


Wise’s Volunteer Day is not just a perk; it’s a celebration of community, camaraderie, and making a difference.

Meet Claire Adelman, Customer Support Training Specialist, and Javier Perdomo, Due Diligence Team Lead, both showcasing the true spirit of Wise in Tampa.

Claire’s mission? Keeping Tampa Bay Beautiful. With her customer service comrades by her side, volunteering became the ultimate team-building adventure. Armed with gloves and trash bags, they turned beach cleanup into a great team bonding exercise, and confetti-cleaning escapades. No assigned tasks, no time constraints—just Wisers bonding, beachside. The cherry on top? A post-cleanup food and drinks, toasting to a successful day of making the world a cleaner, happier place.

Then there’s Javier, heading off to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Animals, treats, and a team on a mission—it’s a recipe for team bonding greatness. Bags of treats for furry friends, playtime with adorable critters, and the shared joy of helping animals find their forever homes. For Javier, it’s not just about team morale; it’s about creating a bond that goes beyond the office walls, fuelled by shared experiences.

Wise’s Volunteer Day isn’t just about giving back; it’s a catalyst for creating lasting memories and forging connections together as a team. From confetti-covered beaches to heartwarming moments with rescue pets, Wisers in Tampa are proving that making a positive impact can also be a whole lot of fun. It’s not just a day off; it’s a day on, building a community that values both teamwork and giving back, one Volunteer Day at a time.