Scaling up our approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We know we’re not yet at mission complete when it comes to DEI. And we promise to do better.

Money without borders. People without limits

Millions of people and businesses save themselves money using Wise every day. But the world still pays £150 billion in hidden fees to banks every year. Which means we’re far from mission complete.

We’re here to serve a global community of billions. And to do that, our team needs to reflect and understand all the diversity the world has to offer. We need to create a culture that’s truly inclusive. And a team of people set up to do their best every day.

So we’ll lean in and have difficult conversations. We’ll question our own ideas, assumptions and motivations. We’ll listen and learn before we act. Because we aren’t just building a business. We want to change the world. 

Team member holding up a sign saying Love is love

Inclusion is an essential, not an initiative

We already do some great things to make Wise open, nurturing and accessible to all. But we want to do more. We want to be clear about our goals, consistent in our actions and hold ourselves to account for making change happen.

We want to make sure the amazing people we hire have a voice and are heard. That they are empowered and productive in their roles.

And that everyone has the support and resources they need to have the same opportunities as others.

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So, what's our plan?

Our DEI plan is based on 3 simple principles with project focus areas. We’ll be transparent about the progress we make and the gaps we need to close.


We promote curious, compassionate and courageous conversations, internally and externally, that help us learn from one another.

2022 project focus:

  • Communities and safe spaces (Employee Resource Groups) – led by our Wisers so people can share experiences and information, support each other and connect on shared values.
  • Wise Cultural Calendar – a programme to learn and celebrate the wide range of cultures, traditions, backgrounds, and global experiences we have here at Wise. Example programmes include Pride Summer and Black History Month.



We build knowledge and understanding, so team leaders can take ownership for creating an inclusive culture.

2022 project focus:

  • Our teams continue to set and drive their own bespoke objectives, holding themselves accountable and making sure they focus efforts where they can have the most impact.
  • We’re excited to partner with InChorus to collect ongoing data on our culture and enable teams to track their progress.

We create the frameworks, processes, measurement tools and initiatives to scale up our approach to DEI.

2022 project focus:

  • DEI development and training — We’re building our capability and getting everyone on the same page about DEI. Our new training programme will help new joiners and all Wisers know what DEI looks like day-to-day and how they can play their part.
  • Global policy review — We’re working with an external advisor to provide detailed feedback on best practices in policies by end January.
  • Disability inclusion – We’re building resources and support for Wisers and candidates with disabilities. Our goals is to offer practical information and support to ensure that Wise remains an inclusive environment for those impacted by a disability.

Communities and safe spaces at Wise

Inclusion at Wise

A community and central space for all Wisers and allies interested in learning about and supporting various intersecting identities.

Disability at Wise

A safe space for Wisers impacted by a disability to be seen, welcomed and supported.

Latinx Wisers Network

A community for Latinx Wisers and allies to share experiences, build knowledge and make connections.

Black Wisers Network

A safe space for Black Wisers to be their authentic selves, find support and create meaningful connections.

AsiaPacific Wisers Network

A community committed to AsiaPac empowerment within Wise to share and learn.


A safe space for LGBTQ+ and questioning Wisers to share, support and make meaningful connections.

Mental Health Wise

A community for all Wisers interested in or impacted by mental health, illness and wellness.


A safe space for for cis and trans women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming (GNC) people.

Parents and Carers

A community for parents, carers, those expecting and anyone interested in parenting.