Early Careers Programs

Find out how to kick-start your career in a global fintech. Here you can find more information about the programs we have available to get your started at Wise.

Graduate roles

A graduate at Wise is a student in their final year of university or who graduated a year ago, from either a Bachelors or a Masters degree. This is usually their first full time position but they will get real responsibility from day one, alongside coaching from your lead and team.

All of our graduates are full-time employees of Wise! We’ll have a global start date for all of them in September. This way, we ensure they have finished their studies, and also that they can build a network of peers around them for support.

An event at the Wise office

Internship programs

At Wise all our interns are current students. They are in their penultimate year of study, prior to finishing their university degree (it could be a Bachelors or Masters). A Wise intern will join us for 10 paid weeks over the summer to work with us in Software Engineering (usually from the end of June to the beginning of September) and after this, they’ll go back to university to finish their final year.

During their time with us, they’ll be evaluated by their respective Engineering teams and, if they get a positive outcome, they’ll have the chance to go back to university with a full-time offer from us to join Wise as a graduate as soon as they finish their studies the next year.

Summer Days 2019

“Being an intern at Wise has been an unforgettable experience because I now truly know what it’s like to be part of a community that respects their employees and their customers equally and constantly makes sure to exceed their expectations.”

Jasleen, Wise Intern 2021


We know that going to university isn’t the route for everyone. So, at Wise we also offer apprenticeships, where you can learn and develop as you work. Currently our apprenticeship opportunities are London based only, as part of a UK government initiative. 

Joining Wise as an apprentice is a brilliant way to learn on the job. You’ll be exposed to a mix of classroom learning with our learning provider, and ‘on the job’ training. All apprentices are required to spend 80% of their time working on their day job, and 20% of their time away from their desk in classroom training. But don’t worry, you’ll be supported by an apprenticeship coach throughout all of this. 

At Wise we partner with Multiverse. Please keep your eye on the vacancies they have and make an application to them directly for roles with us or any other employer. It would be a good idea to start your conversation with Multiverse now, so that when we have roles available, you are ready and able to apply!

Summer days 2019


WiseWomenCode is a three day immersive experience launched by Wise to help erase obstacles to careers in technology. Through this initiative we hope to increase diversity within the tech industry. WiseWomenCode will take place from the 4th to the 6th of April 2022.

At Wise, we believe that in order to build a diverse, empathetic and inclusive product we have to have a diverse team working on it. Unfortunately the current tech industry, although having made a lot of progress, is still not as diverse as it needs to be. So in an effort to help encourage women who are just getting started to enter the industry, we’ve decided to open our doors to show the inner workings of Wise. 

We’re welcoming women and non-binary people to our office in London, for three days of knowledge sharing, side by side coding sessions, networking and more, to provide a glimpse to the FinTech working world. You’ll be welcomed by r​​epresentatives and leaders from the tech industry and Wise.

We encourage applications from 1st year students, those having recently switched careers, or those who are getting back into the workforce after leave. But we’re also open to any female/non-binary individuals interested in getting started in coding!

Early careers wisewomencode program

While I can’t speak for the wider FinTech industry, I can say for certain that Wise’s internship is one that will enable you to grow tremendously. Whatever self-doubt or concerns you may have, the people at Wise will help you conquer them.

Viktor, Wise Intern 2021