Senior Product Manager – CS Experience


We’re looking for a Senior Product Manager in either our London office to help our teams deliver a Customer Support Experience that delights our customers, scales globally with our growth and helps us drop our costs towards zero.

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Salary Range

£83k - £110k gross / year base (based on xp & interview outcomes) + Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) + other cool benefits

Your mission:

Wise has already pioneered new ways for people to transfer money across borders and currencies. Our customers can also manage their hard-earned money with the world’s first platform to offer true  multi-currency banking. Your mission is to transform how we deliver our customer support experience to build a globally scalable and cost-effective model for our future. 

The role is a unique opportunity to join one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. With 10m customers we’re already moving over £4.5bn a month and have more than 700 people in our support team across the US, Estonia, Hungary and Singapore. We serve a wide range of customers from personal users, freelancers, small businesses and increasingly even to enterprise businesses and banks.

You’ll grow and inspire a product team to help solve a truly global challenge. Whether through AI automation, knowledge management or CRM systems, you’ll be impact-driven and always on the lookout for the biggest opportunities for our customers.

Here’s how you’ll be contributing to our Customer Support Experience Team:

  • You will help us to get to Mission Zero (making money transfers eventually free) by owning the whole experience around self service. 
  • You will be building and experience that scales, minimises efforts for our customers and reduces contacts (and therefore cost for our customers)
  • You’ll work closely with our Global and Regional Product teams to continuously improve our core product and work towards a product that does not need support.
  • You’ll clearly define success and evaluate progress with both qualitative and quantitative methods

This role will give you the opportunity to:

  • Choose your path to impact – we believe people are most empowered when they can act autonomously. So rather than telling you what to do, you’ll work with your team to create a vision of your own. Of course, you can always gather feedback from smart, curious people across Wise but you’ll have the freedom to make your own calls
  • Grow as a leader – Grow and inspire your team to join our mission
  • Be part of our mission to make money without borders the new normal
  • Understand a FinTech end-to-end. Exposed to the full breadth and depth of our product from customer service, fincrime, regional expansion and new product launches

A bit about you:

  • You’re passionate about product and user experience – customers are at the heart of what you do and that empathy drives your decisions
  • Extensive experience in product management where you’ve been in-between multiple teams having to align and connect efforts
  • Comfortable collaborating with operational teams, understanding that they’re made up of people as well as processes and products
  • Have built high impact solutions using machine learning and have seen them through to production
  • Thrive in a cross-functional work environment, working alongside with engineers, analysts, compliance and growth teams
  • Have a clear playbook for prioritising work, helping the team understand impact and making a roadmap for everyone to follow
  • Approach problem solving in a methodical way, allowing the team to gain clarity over root cause issues and making it easier to correctly assess risk and migration strategies for it
  • Data-driven, decisions you share with the wider team have been validated and are clearly presented using all available data you’ve collected

We’re people without borders — without judgement or prejudice, too. We want to work with the best people, no matter their background. So if you’re passionate about learning new things and keen to join our mission, you’ll fit right in.

Also, where and what you studied isn’t important to us. If you’ve got great experience, the right skills for the role and you’re great at articulating your thinking, we’d like to hear from you.


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Getting Started: Reviewing your Application

At this stage, our product recruiter and hiring manager will be reviewing applications, alongside cover letters (which are optional to submit) to narrow down the most excellent candidates based off your resume and answers to our application questions.

Pro tip: We ask application questions for a reason – because we at Wise are on a mission and this role is all about getting us closer to that mission – so please take this opportunity to show us who you are and why you’re a great fit! 📝 Please bear in mind when answering: customer impact is above everything for us.

Screening Interview

A 40 minute call with our hiring lead or one our Product Managers or Recruiters from the team via Zoom.


  • The team will intro you to Wise, their team and the role
  • Your motivation / drivers to join the Mission
  • Your experience of owning/ shipping impactful products, utilising build – measure – learn
  • Testing your customer empathy
  • Testing your quantitative, data-driven approach
  • Competency based questions &  values fit, focused on our 4 core values

Product Interview

Your 2nd interview will be with 2 product managers from the team. The 60 minute interview will take place over Zoom and will be competency based.


This interview will give you the chance to show us your product skills and abilities to solve meaningful customer problems. Topics:

  • Your product domain experience: ownership of a complex, and impactful product / product feature
  • Prioritisation and trade-offs: problems you solve for customers, how do you balance demands
  • Your solution design & execution skills
  • Digging deeper into your quantitative / data skills: measuring impact, setting OKRs / KPIs

Tech / Team-fit Interview

Your 3rd interview will be with an engineering lead / senior engineer and an analyst/designer from the team. The 60 minute interview will take place over Zoom and will be competency based.


This interview will be focusing on your experience working closely with engineers and designers in a cross-functional team +  your related skills. Topics:

  • Building partnerships with your engineering / design / operations teams.
  • Problem-solving and navigating tech decisions and conflicts with engineers
  • Your level of technical depth
  • Your cross-functional team-fit: your ability to inspire others around you

Lead Interview

We’d like to give you the opportunity to meet a couple of our senior product leads. The Zoom interview will be 45 minutes long and will be competency-based.


  • Providing you the opportunity to meet our product leads and pick their minds and ask your questions
  • Competency-based and scenario based questions around your motivation, past product experience and vision to work at Wise, solving problems of our 10+ million customers
  • Focusing on feedback you received from previous interviews, addressing/investigating potential gaps further

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