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Hey there, here’s your Global Service Delivery with your Knowledge Management package!

GSD is the department umbrella that covers Knowledge Management. We were a small team with big dreams, and now we’re growing rapidly and need more awesome people.

Wise Mission

We at Wise strive to make money free. Our mission is money without borders or costs.

If you believe in free money, too, then you already have a foot on the gas to help drive our mission. 

Growing as a company means we develop a lot of new processes. These need to be found and documented, while making them comprehensive to everyone working here.

This is where Knowledge Management steps in. We’re all about getting and sharing knowledge. We get all the juicy information from other teams, and package it up in a readable, understandable bundle, and deliver it to the right stakeholders with a bow on it.



What you’ll get to do and your mission

  • Write impeccably
  • Condense convoluted or scattered information
  • Build the source of truth for all operational teams
  • Use a variety of tools to achieve this (e.g. Slack, Confluence, Asana, Google Doc/Drive/Sheet/Slides, Lucidchard or Figma)
  • Improve processes and document knowledge and information to make operations more efficient
  • Reach out to stakeholders and collaborate with other amazing teams
  • Come up with new ideas for how we can improve and automate company processes
  • Send GIFs to our team channel

You don’t need to drink or know things. But you need to sponge knowledge and write things.


A little about you

So this piqued your interest, and now you’re thinking, “but what would I be doing — making the pretty bows?”

You’ll be bringing the whole package! We need you to be:

    • Passionate. We get that trying new things in itself is exciting, but you need to be committed to collecting and sharing knowledge, just like we are
    • Autonomous. Driving your own projects for how knowledge is managed, and comfortable taking things on. But we’ll support your decisions and learning 100%.
    • Proactive. You see an issue? You flag it. Something doesn’t make sense? Find the thing that makes sense. You want your team to have Monopoly + pizza night? You set it up.
    • Flooent at speling, grammer and !puncktu,ation
  • Data-driven. You think data can be beautiful. 
  • Word-oriented, excel at certain tools, and make powerful points with the 

confluence of information

2+ years of experience in knowledge management, copywriting, design, L&D,  or service delivery field. KYC,FinCrime, PayOps experience is an advantage for this role, but not a must.

And you want other people to know stuff. This is the essence of our goal.

The People

Who you work with is a huge factor in how you feel about your job. That’s why we’re proud to say we’re committed to keeping our team culture top-notch. Our specialists are multilingual, from many countries, passionate about their jobs and helping others, and most importantly — hilarious. 

The Place

We’re hiring in Tallinn

We know getting up in the morning and commuting to an office can be tough. So while we have a great WFH culture, our offices are designed to make coming into work a joy. There’s food, there’s games, there’s dogs — and a great, clean space to work. 

So don’t be shy and apply

We don’t need to see your Harvard certificate and 25 years’ experience writing for Forbes. We just want to get to know your logical, critical-and-out-of-the-box-thinking self.

If you’re driven — come take the wheel.


To apply please submit your CV and Cover Letter in English.

We’re people without borders — without judgement or prejudice, too. We want to work with the best people, no matter their background. So if you’re passionate about learning new things and keen to join our mission, you’ll fit right in.

Also, where and what you studied isn't important to us. If you’ve got great experience, the right skills for the role and you’re great at articulating your thinking, we’d like to hear from you.

And because we believe that diverse teams build better products, we’d especially love to hear from you if you’re from an under-represented demographic.

If you want to find out more about what it's like to work at Wise visit Wise.Jobs.

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