Careers in Analytics

Empower Wise with trustworthy data and insights.

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Own the data. Own the solution

You’ll play a significant role in helping Wise to understand our customers. Identifying trends, forecasting, and automating processes, you’ll build creative solutions to team problems using data and insights.

We believe in freedom and autonomy, so you’ll pick what problems you want to solve — to best impact our customers. The sooner we empower our teams with this autonomy, the quicker our customers benefit.

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Always curious. Always learning

If you’re always looking for bigger and better ways to do things, you’ll do well at Wise. And sharing is caring, so if discovering new things is your thing — you’ll tell the people around you.

You’ll decide what tools you think are needed to develop the best solutions to the problems you’re working on. Whether it’s figuring out the right SQL queries, or deploying cloud-based machine learning processes — it’s up to you to test what’s best.

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A team member looking at a whiteboard

Meet our Analytics team

Inside the Wise Analytics team

Every quarter (or you know, when it was still possible) analysts at Wise come together to solve some of the biggest challenges across all teams. And there’s so much more to it than just pulling numbers.