Careers in Banking and Expansion

Lay the foundations to plant our flag in new markets around the world.

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Wise’s mission is money without borders — to achieve that, we’re building a replacement for correspondent banking, by connecting domestic payment rails under Wise. In the Banking and Expansions team, you’ll be in the front seat, driving the existence of those accesses. 

You’ll work with multiple internal teams, as well as local financial regulators, banks and payment providers to bring Wise everywhere in the world, with a deep and as direct as possible connection to domestic payment rails. 

Our mission is challenging, as no market is the same. But nothing is impossible, when you’re working together with top experts from around the world.

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Your mission is to expand opportunities for Wise in all countries of the world — through a mix of regulatory, business and product work.

You’ll keep a close, ongoing relationship with financial regulators, banks and payment providers. You won’t just be launching new products and markets, you’ll also work to change outdated financial regulations all over the world.

And you’ll work really closely with our regional Product teams to prioritise Wise’s next moves, identify product-market opportunities, and make sure we’re building a product that’s relevant, scalable and compliant. Our Regional Expansions Tribe is structured in a way that each Regional Team is autonomous.

Between Product Managers, Engineers and Bankers we are able to continue expanding and deepening our presence in several markets around the world in parallel.

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