Careers in Compliance

Be at the front line and ensure we’re compliant and trusted around the world.

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Trusted around the world

You’ll make sure the Wise experience is safe and seamless for our customers around the world. With over 50 currencies and over 12 million people using Wise, this is no mean feat. 

You’ll work with local regulators and banking partners, to make sure we comply with local financial laws and regulations. Building frameworks from scratch, you’ll take complex processes and make them seamless. You might fly under the radar — but you’ll be keeping our customers secure, and Wise trusted.

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We work in cross-functional teams


Carefully balancing compliance with convenience, you’ll play an integral role in making our customer onboarding experience seamless. You’ll lower the risks for our customers and Wise.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Ensuring the good guys always win, you’re the ever-watchful eye over customers’ money to detect financial crimes and other money laundering schemes.


We have an amazing reputation for safely and securely transferring money around the world, and you’ll help us keep it that way. Join us to fight financial crime in the front-line and make the world a better place.


Occasionally money doesn’t end up in the right place, and our Chargeback team have strong shoulders to carry this burden. You’ll be laser-focused on making sure this is a minor issue for our customers.

Central Team

We help Compliance teams by quality checking the actions taken and ensuring they are in line with published procedures. We also handle incoming partner requests to facilitate faster processing of all payments.


Often our pioneering employees in new offices around the world, you’ll build, maintain and defend a robust compliance programme that protects our customers and Wise from threats.