Careers in Customer Support

No problem too big, no customer unheard. You help people around the world have a great experience using TransferWise.

Customer support and remote working
Relaxed and refreshed work spaces

Make it easy. Make it personal

Our customers are all kinds of people who contact us for all kinds of reasons. Email, phone, social media or chat, you’ll emphasise when things take longer than expected. And go out of your way to figure out an issue — staying calm when faced with frustration.

You have the freedom to be the voice of TransferWise, in the truest sense — no scripts. The more personality in our products and services, the better our customers’ experience.

Team customer support
Customer support in action

How we work

Our customers are global, so our support team covers a variety of regions and language skills. We also support specific areas of our product, from business to consumer. The goal is to build trust with our customers — making things simple.

With side projects and training, there’s lots of opportunity to go beyond a typical support agent role. If you’re a linguist, you might translate for our website or blog. Or you could become a Product Champion, ironing out the things our customers find most challenging. Whatever your passion, there’s plenty of room to grow.

Real life customer support
Product champions

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