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Make global money simple and human for people without borders.

Designing at Transferwise

Global money made simple

In the Design team at Wise, you’ll help us to understand people, ask the right questions, and make abstract ideas tangible.

You’ll focus on outcome, not output, and aim for solutions, not quick-fix hacks — keeping humans at the centre of the work. You’ll be trusted to do the right thing in our autonomous teams, and you’re given plenty of opportunity to grow. You’ll ask “why?” before you ask “how?”. Just because we can build it, it doesn’t make it useful.

Our Design disciplines

Product Design

Work with product teams to untangle complex customer problems. Explore, test and deliver useful, usable and delightful ways to manage global money.

Brand and Creative Design

Our brand and creative designers work across multiple teams to educate, inform and create memorable moments, delivering business focussed, creative led experiences that customers love.


Help teams write clear, delightful, and effective copy — so customers understand Wise better, trust us sooner, and solve their problems faster.


Build empathy for our customers, so that we can build a better product.

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