Careers in Engineering

Help shape and build our product’s future.

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The opportunity to impact millions

At Wise, we’re experiencing phenomenal growth. But scaling our users and volumes to reach millions more customers brings very real technical challenges. You’ll help us take Wise to the next level.

You’ll do more than simply support an existing system. If you’re keen to learn, grow, try new things and want to impact the way millions of people around the world work and live, read on.

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A structure as unique as our people

Here, every engineer is a product person. Instead of being boxed in, you’ll be free to work — within an independent, autonomous team. You’ll solve some of the most challenging problems across the full product lifecycle.

With that freedom comes responsibility. We’ll help you to grow, but there’s no set rules or guidelines — you’ll love to figure things out on your own.

That might sound scary, but everyone has a lead and collaborative team to support them. We know that shaping our future product is a big job and work-life balance is key to our success — so you’re free to shape your role to suit how you work best.

An engineer coding on a laptop
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Engineering roles at Wise

Front End

Along with being a keen self-starter, you’ll work closely with the Design team to create a product that gives the best possible experience to our customers.

Back End and Full Stack

Go far beyond being ‘just an engineer.’ Use your wealth of technical skills to clearly and concisely articulate complex concepts to teams and help enhance customer experience.


When things work, they should be invisible. Providing the backbone of the Wise experience, you’ll listen, adapt and evolve to enhance our platform.


Always on hand, our app keeps us super close to our customers. We’re in their back pocket everyday and you’ll help make the Wise app experience convenient, easy and fast for busy, on-the-go lives.


A pivotal team that has touch points throughout the company. From encryption and algorithms to identity service and authentications, your impact can be transformational to our customers.

Engineering Leads

Know the product, know the audience, know the tech, lead, coach, build the team and make difficult (and sometimes unpopular) decisions. Pack a few hats, you'll need them all.


Adapt, analyse and advise. Keep the wheels of Wise well oiled and empower our teams with customer-driven, cost-efficient solutions.

Meet our Engineering team