Careers in Operations

Right at the heart of our processes, your speedy, problem-solving skills will help millions of people around the world save time and money using Wise.

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Making money move globally

Your role is vital to the running of our company. Communicating between banks and financial partners, Customer support and Product teams, your expert coordination skills make sure every payment reaches our customers without delay.

Problem-solving is second nature to you. When things go wrong, you figure out a way to fix them and fast. As the voice of our customers, you help our Product teams tweak and iterate new processes to create the best possible customer experience.

Moving this amount of money around the world is a big responsibility, but if you have an eye for detail, a love for the complicated and you’re eager to learn, you’ll fit right in.

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We work in region and product specific teams

Payment Operations

Ensuring our customers’ money is delivered in the fastest and cheapest way, means this team is working to keep our ship smooth sailing.

Global Product Operations

Our customers use self-service accounts to send, spend, and receive money, and make batch payments all over the world. This team is constantly thinking of ways to make Wise global products even more efficient: from debit cards to business features.


Liquidity operations specialists are making sure that we have the right amount of money in the right currency at the right time. And of course finding ways to serve our customers as fast as possible, for as little as possible.