Money without borders. People without limits

Welcome to Wise

We’re people without limits. Building money without borders. We’re a hugely diverse bunch. Different skills, different backgrounds, different languages and different personalities.

But what we all share is a little spark of genius; the ability to question the way things have always been done and improve them. And a whole lot of curiosity; the energy and drive to seek out an answer and never let it go until a problem is well and truly solved

Team members in the office
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A big mission and a startup heart

We’re  looking for people with big ideas and an even bigger appetite for discovery.

Wise is a global tech company with a big mission and a start-up heart. And we like to think that we’re the perfect mix of big and small.

Big enough to solve problems for millions of customers. But small enough to be growing at the speed of light. Big enough to flip the finance industry on its head. But small enough that you can have a real, personal impact on how we change the world.

Team members collaborating

A little bit one of us. A whole lot free to be me

We work differently and we’re proud of it. You’ll experience legendary teamwork and revolutionary freedom.

We’re changing an entire industry, so it can be chaotic and challenging. Sometimes we fail, and that’s okay. It’s a great way to learn. But we believe in each other’s ideas and we trust each other to deliver. So you’ll have thousands of cheerleaders and bucket-loads of autonomy.

Join our mission and you’ll be surrounded by brilliant people who care about what we do, get stuff done, put customers first and leave their egos at the door.

Team cheering at Wise Summer Days event

A little bit to think about

10 million

Use Wise to save money.

£3 million

Every day compared to using a bank.

$5 billion

We're one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

A whole lot to say

We’re humbled by what our people have to say about us – read all the reviews on Glassdoor.

January, 2021

“It genuinely makes you feel great to show up to work every day knowing that your input is making a difference to people’s lives.”

August 2020

“Employees are empowered to work independently and to be creative in their problem-solving. There’s no such thing as ‘we’ve always done it like this’.”

January, 2021

"People are trusted to make product decisions, with data being the main driver for decision-making.”