Our offer

Yes, you’ll get the usual stuff like a laptop, holidays and a salary but we don’t just want to sell you a list of benefits. We’d like to explain a bit more about why we offer what we do.

Sharing in our success

We offer everyone who works for us Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) as we’re building Wise together and want you to share in the success of our company.

RSUs mean you get the right to receive shares in the future while you work at Wise. It’s a long-term incentive for people who want to join us and make a positive, important change in the world. 

It’s really important to us that we grow our company responsibly and sustainably for our people and for our customers. 

A group of people on stage during a team activity at Wise Summer Days
Team members on stage during an awards ceremony at Wise Summer Days

It's a marathon, not a sprint

We know working at Wise is challenging and all our people go above and beyond for our customers.

Because of this, after 4 years at Wise, you’ll have the option to take a paid sabbatical: 6 weeks paid time off and £1,000 financial support in addition to your annual leave.

This is to reward the time and effort that you’ve put into Wise and give you stretch of time to fully switch off and reflect back on your journey.

People starting a race during Wise Summer Days

Hybrid Working at Wise

We want to empower Wisers to make decisions and take ownership of how they work best. We believe that if you are intentional about where and who you work with, you’ll be able to get the best out of any working environment. Most Wisers told us they like spending time in the office, but also want the flexibility to work from home or elsewhere to balance their personal life and other commitments, and their working preferences.

We know that teams and individuals all have different needs depending on what they need to deliver, as well as their personal circumstances. That’s why we have company-wide principles and then our teams set their own guidelines and individuals can set their own schedule within them.

Two team members talking in the office
A team member reading a book

Our Workplaces

We create office environments that mean people enjoy coming in and where everyone can do their best work. Some of the activities that are typically more impactful in person are those that focus on coachingcommunity and collaboration. All our offices are pet-friendly and true to our Estonian roots, almost all our offices have a sauna!

Free breakfasts and team lunches are offered in most of our workplaces, as well as opportunities to come together with your colleagues. We have a number of different interest groups founded by our employees around a range of activities including yoga, football or running.

Team member working next to a dog in the office

We also offer:

  • Parental leave
  • Medical insurance plans*
  • Health and wellbeing discounts
  • Pension and retirement plans*
  • Social events
  • Relocation support

* these benefits vary depending on location

Team members working on an art project together
Wise Summer Days outdoor area

Your family comes first

We don’t want you to miss out on a single smile, tear, or dirty diaper. That’s why we offer a minimum of 18 weeks fully paid parental leave at birth or adoption — regardless of gender, your partner’s parental leave policies, or when they take it. In locations with higher leave entitlement by law, that will always be the case.

To see specific information about the office you’re looking to join, check out the location specific pages below.

Team members in the Cherkasy
Three team members with a dog in the office