Marketing at Wise – behind the scenes of SEO Content

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I moved from Finland to Hungary back in 2015 for my studies, and have lived here in the land of baths and lángos ever since. After my business studies, I worked for a larger multinational company, before coming across a LinkedIn ad for an opening at Wise that sparked my curiosity.
I joined the SEO Content team at Wise in September 2020, without actually having much of a clue on how search engine optimization worked and what it meant in practice – mostly I was fascinated about the fact that there is a whole industry dedicated to making information more visible on Google.

But with that said, I quickly learnt that SEO is much more than just trying to optimize blog posts for Google bots – it means creating blog articles that are useful for actual, real-life humans!

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So, what do we actually do all day?

Our planning process starts with identifying keywords – so literally what people are putting into their Google search bar – and selecting the topics that we can create informative blog articles around. 

How we prioritize and select topics for our blog is a combination of a lot of things: our knowledge of the market, local customs, trends and understanding the needs of our customers. We always try to make sure that we understand the pain point of our reader – what problems they are facing and how can we provide a solution to their issues.

Putting it simply, our team turns keywords into content plans, briefs (based on our research) and published articles on the Wise blog. Finally, we measure and monitor content performance – to see what we nailed and what we can improve. 

Besides taking care of our blogs, we do a bunch of other stuff in our team as well. For example, we recently decided to fight procrastination and take the bull (in this case, Google Analytics) by the horns and get together to earn a certificate and improve our skills. And this is just one of many ways you can develop yourself in our team and at Wise. 

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But who are the people behind the blog factory?

Our team is growing with what feels like lightning speed and we are covering more and more locations and languages around the world.  To be more precise, we have over 20 different nationalities in our team with even more language knowledge. This makes each of us experts in our own locations and the boss of our blogs!  

Of course, our team does not only consist of content creators – we also have team leads and analysts. As our team has grown rapidly, it has been important to find team leads within our larger team to focus on a smaller group of people – we have for example a small team that dedicates their time solely on the US market. This means there are a bunch of different paths you can take, depending on your own interest and development goals, whether it would be analyzing data or leading your own team! Though our method of working is autonomous and independent, we do help each other out and give each other tips and feedback on a regular basis. We learn from each other’s experiences and make sure we are putting the best content out there. 

Despite global pandemics and being separated by physical office locations (London, Budapest and Tallinn) we have managed to make sure that our team still finds time to unite and keep in touch virtually through coffee chats and Zoom dinners. And since the borders are opening up slowly, I am looking forward to not only continuing to grow my blog and work together with my team, but also to spread the word of fair and transparent money transfer around the world.

We’re hiring. Check out our open roles.