How our WiseStart Interns transformed our ESG landing page

Our work

In 2020, Wise launched EMission Zero — Wise’s response to the climate emergency.
We built a landing page on our website demonstrating this commitment to our customers and investors.

During the exciting brand refresh, our EMission Zero landing page was left behind and needed an overhaul. It needed a new look, new data, new everything.

Since 2020, Wise’s eMission Zero strategy has transformed into an overall ESG (Environmental, Social Impact, and Governance) strategy. Whereas, the eMission primarily focused on sustainability; Wise has now grown to include various social impact initiatives, moving away from eMission Zero to ‘ESG at Wise’.

We tasked our Interns to build a new landing page with Wise’s updated ESG strategy. It would need to solve the feedback we were given from our customers and investors. At Wise, we put trust in our Interns to tackle large scale issues and create impactful work from day one.

“ESG is a core part of Wise, so it was great to see the Interns collaborate together to bring to life what ESG means at Wise.  It was a true joy to watch them present solutions to these complex and important issues and now thanks to them, Wise’s ESG strategy and positioning is clear and accurate,” comments Caroline Corbett-Thompson, Wise’s Global ESG Manager.

38 Interns from the EMEA region collaborated to help solve this issue. They were split into groups that consisted of Engineers, Data Scientists and Designers.

So, what were the main takeaways of the feedback that they needed to solve?

  • Relevant and current information regarding Wise’s emissions and strategy must be available on the landing page
  • Our investors felt there was too much waffle
  • No information about what we do on our social impact front
  • Wise’s positioning regarding sustainability

After a brainstorming session, each team presented their vision, covering each of the main focus points:

  1. Updated ESG Strategy
  2. Social Impact
  3. Sustainability / EMission Zero

Each group was paired with an experienced mentor from Wise, who provided them with invaluable guidance throughout the day. We had our Global ESG Manager, Global Creative Lead and Senior Product Communications Manager pick the aspects of each team’s work that solved the feedback we were given.

“I was really impressed with the output from the intern competition – all of them presented back pages with well-considered rationale. I was particularly happy to see the creativity they showed in terms of copywriting and information architecture.” Says Phil Denington, Wise’s Global Creative Lead.

So, what did they change?

Something that stands out on the updated page is the immediate call to action button for our ‘2023 Annual Report’. It is now easily accessible, at the top of the webpage, for our customers to locate.

As you scroll through the page you see the progress and steps we’re making towards our ESG strategy in a much more visual, clear and understandable format. It covers the different aspects we’re taking to reduce our carbon footprint, through to our social impact, with links to our annual report throughout.

Did we solve the feedback from our customers and investors? 

Hear from some of our interns, Harry and Paulina, tasked with solving this issue:

What did you learn about our ESG strategy at Wise?

Harry: I learnt how deeply committed Wise is to sustainability and ethical practices.

Paulina: I have learnt about ESG strategy at Wise as actions that are being undertaken to achieve net zero goal. I think many actions, such as having clean power in the offices and updating travel policies are important actions that will lead to zero emissions.

What were your key takeaways from the experience?

Harry: I learned that an effective ESG strategy not only aligns with Wise’s values but also resonates with its customers and investors. The key takeaway for me was how crucial it is for a company to communicate its ESG initiatives transparently and convincingly, catering to the preferences and expectations of a diverse audience. As I was one of the design interns I’m excited to have a real landing page design for Wise that I can proudly showcase in my portfolio.

Paulina: My key takeaways from the experience was learning how to present important information in a clear and concise way. It is very important when designing a website not to overwhelm the reader with the amount of text, and finding a good balance between presenting all important things and not using too many words can be tricky to achieve.

Do you feel your new landing page has been successful? Do you think we solved the feedback from our customers and investors?

Harry: I believe the new landing page dedicated to Wise’s ESG strategy has been successful in conveying the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. It was an enriching experience working with interns from various professions, as their diverse perspectives helped ensure the landing page addressed the multifaceted feedback from both customers and investors effectively.

Paulina: I think the new landing page has addressed all feedback that was received from Wise’s customers and vendors. We tackled greenwashing by including the latest information on the webpage. All information has been presented in a concise way, including the most important elements of the 2023 report. 

Looking back, what could we improve for our customers or do differently with our ESG strategy?

Harry: Wise could maybe enhance its ESG strategy by exploring opportunities for more direct engagement with customers and investors. This could involve seeking their input on specific sustainability initiatives or conducting surveys.

Paulina: I think Wise’s ESG strategy is great at the moment. I think what we could have done differently with our page design is to dedicate more space to social impact. We have focused our efforts mostly on sustainability, however in my opinion, social impact is a very important part of Wise’s ESG strategy. I think actions that Wise is taking to empower young people through Next Gen Founders and Tech Talent should have been highlighted.

Would you recommend this kind of experience to future interns?

Harry: Absolutely, I would highly recommend this experience to future interns. It was particularly valuable to collaborate with interns from diverse backgrounds, as it demonstrated how a multidisciplinary approach can enrich the development of an ESG strategy and its communication.

Paulina: I would definitely recommend this kind of experience to future interns. It is something different from the daily life of an intern, it allows you to connect more with fellow interns, and find out more about Wise. It is a great opportunity to get even more experience out of the internship.

Check it out for yourself. Our new updated ESG landing page.

Here at Wise, our ESG strategy continually adapts to align with the Global crisis. We strive to make meaningful and impactful decisions that will not only help shape the future of the financial world, but will help contribute towards a brighter outlook for our planet and every person on it.

If you’re a student or recent graduate looking to be a part of a company and community that truly cares about making a positive difference to our planet, then take a look at our WiseStart Early Careers site and kick start your journey to help us to reach Mission Zero; Making a real difference to millions of people around the Globe.