Wise Start Scholarships

The Wise mission is money without borders, and we believe that money should be accessible to people everywhere, easily and without massive fees. Let’s imagine what we could achieve if opportunity was also without borders.

To achieve our mission, we need to build diverse, empathetic and inclusive products, and for that we need a diverse team working on it.

The tech industry has traditionally and largely been a male-dominated industry. We are still witness of a lack of gender, racial, and ethnic diversity within the industry, and this underrepresentation continues to perpetuate nowadays.

We’re supporting these underrepresented groups in technology studies financially via scholarships and by providing them with networking opportunities and mentoring.

With Wise scholarships, we want to encourage a deeper shift in the industry and break down barriers holding people from underrepresented groups back from accessing the incredible and rewarding careers that tech has to offer.


Open scholarships

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"I am incredibly grateful to be a WiseStart scholarship recipient. This opportunity allows me to learn more about graduate opportunities and roles in the tech industry. The mentorship and guidance that I have received as a WiseStart scholar have been of great value to me."
Scholarship recipient 2023