Life as a Due Diligence Agent: Rza

Rza Mustafayev

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Hi! My name is Rza Mustafayev and I’m a Due Diligence Agent in our Latin America & Middle-East and Africa Region, focusing on personal and business customers.

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What this means is that I:

  • Review documents uploaded by personal and business customers
  • Accept valid documents and reject invalid ones
  • Identify customers violating Terms and Conditions as well as Acceptable Use Policy of Wise
  • Onboarding personal and business customers

Why did you join Wise?

The motivation to join Wise stems from several factors. To start with, as my background is in Information Technology Law, I have been involved in studying technology start ups and the powerful change they bring. Wise was a key part of the studies and immediately grasped my attention. Moreover, I was drawn to its equitable business model, respect to employees and vibrant environment. In addition, I can underline its global reach making financial inclusion more available.

What does a day as a Due Diligence Agent look like?

A day in the life of a DD Agent starts with checking the latest updates as it is crucial to have up to date knowledge given the fact that requirements and procedures change rapidly due to regulation and compliance. Later we proceed with solving cases, making our customers happier and revealing customers with not so good intentions. Our days also include regular team meetings, assisting newly joined agents and answering inquiries of other teams.

What do you think are the 3 most important attributes or skills to succeed in this role?

While the role is quite challenging, it is still possible to harness it and become a professional agent with 3 following skills:

  • Attention to details, as we process dozens of documents at the same time
  • Patience, as it is crucial not to rush with decisions and process all the given information
  • Passion for self-development, as the position involves a lot of skills to develop and knowledge to acquire. It is also followed by the fact that self-development options are wisely available at Wise

Rza Mustafayev

How does your role impact Wise’s mission?

My role resembles being a gatekeeper and letting well-intentioned people to use our services, while rejecting the ones with negation intentions. Also, given Wise’s operations almost all over the world, it is obvious that each country has its own specific documents especially in our region. We help customers to have their documents verified despite their difficulties.

What’s something you find challenging about your work?

The challenging part of the position, in my opinion, is to retain fresh knowledge regarding the procedures. Not only do some procedures change, also it is not hard to forget some knowledge.

What support did you receive from your team to be successful in this role?

The team lead’s role has been huge in the process of getting acquainted with the job and in later day-to-day operations.

It includes:

  • Friendly attitude
  • Full availability
  • Assistance with vacations and mobile wiser procedures
  • Regular meetings for general and mental wellbeing

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made at Wise and what did you do to fix it?

Looking back and thinking about my flaws, I realize I should have been more relaxed and less stressed with training. Human nature is built in a way that the more we panic, the slower the learning process is. With a lighter mindset and more confidence I could have handled the work faster. Now that I have realized it, whenever there is newlearning opportunity, I do not panic and approach with greater confidence.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your position?

The biggest misconception about the role is that people claim it to be monotonous. Taking into account how many changes occur, number of countries with various documents, constant changes due to compliance the DD Agent position is everything but repetitive.

How has your team used the team event budget?

Budget allocation for team events is awesome. We allocate it mainly for entertainment, relaxation and getting rid of stress. One of the most memorable ones was renting a limousine and having a ride around the city with songs and dances!

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