Flexible working at Wise

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At Wise, we’re truly global in who we are, how we work, and how we build. We work with people from all over the world solving global problems – with the key focus: building the best way to help our customers move and manage money across borders.

Our goal is to make living globally easier for our customers, so it makes sense that we make it easier for the people building Wise too.

Why we offer flexible working

We want to empower Wisers to make decisions and take ownership of how they work best. We believe that if you are intentional about where and who you work with, you’ll be able to get the best out of any working environment.

We’re a team of 125+ nationalities and flexibility is one of our underlying principles, but so is proximity to the work – it helps us ideate better and move faster.

Most Wisers told us they like spending time in the office, but also want the flexibility to work from home or elsewhere to balance their personal life and other commitments, and their working preferences.

So what does flexible working look like at Wise?

We know that teams and individuals all have different needs depending on what they need to deliver, as well as their personal circumstances. That’s why we have company-wide principles and then our teams set their own guidelines and individuals can set their own schedule within them.

In our offices, we’re always looking at space and working experience to create the best possible environment for people to collaborate and do their best work.

We work with three key aspects that make up our work experience:

  1. Your team: where we build our skills, experience and growth.
  2. The broader business function, tribe or squad: where the majority of our key stakeholders are.
  3. The geography: where you live and where you have an extended community of Wisers that contribute to your work experience and share that same context.

The first two aspects of work are important to cultivate, and the third, the geography, is the area where our office locations can really help to develop a sense of shared context and strengthen community across Wise.

How often am I expected to be in the office?

We expect that new joiners will be in the office most days to build connections and learn from colleagues for their first six months. This means you should live in a commutable distance from your assigned office so you can come in regularly as your team requires.

We also expect leads and senior individual contributors to be in the office regularly as they play a role in helping to build the social fabric in their local workplaces.

We typically see most Wisers split their working week between the office and home. Of course not every day, week or month is the same and having flexibility is an important part of your experience.

Rather than focusing solely on the number of days you work in the office or at home, we’re focused on being intentional about how we work – using the most appropriate place for a given activity, and being mindful of the expectations of your role and your team.

For example, some of the activities that are typically more impactful in person are those that focus on coaching, community and collaboration.

That includes things like one to one or team meetings, onboarding, company-wide team calls and Mission Days; cross-team networking opportunities and chances to learn by working closely alongside other Wisers. And of course if Wisers have a disability or health need, we provide workplace adjustments including flexible working arrangements.

Virtual (remote) working

Permanent virtual working

Most teams do not support permanent virtual working or hire / relocate Wisers in locations where we do not have a Wise office. Any exceptions are managed on a case-by-case basis.

Temporary virtual working

Wisers can take advantage of our Mobile Wiser scheme after their first 6 months. Employees can work virtually* from (almost) anywhere in the world for up to 90 days a year: Yep, just about anywhere on the planet. This gives Wisers the flexibility to visit their families, or travel and experience living the way many of our customers do. And of course, use our product while they’re at it. 🙂

*The Mobile Wiser scheme is at the complete discretion of Wise and is non contractual. It is dependent on the requirements of your role and your team and needs approval from your Lead and the People team to make sure we are compliant with tax laws and that it works for your team’s set up.