Embracing Flexibility: How Our Mobile Wiser Program Transforms Work and Life for Wise Employees


At Wise, we’re truly global in who we are, how we work, and how we build. We work with people from all over the world solving global problems – with the key focus: building the best way to help our customers live globally and move and manage money across borders.

All Wisers can take advantage of our Mobile Wiser scheme after their first 6 months. Employees can work remotely from (almost) anywhere in the world for 90 days a year. This gives Wisers the flexibility to visit their families, or travel and experience living the way many of our customers do. And of course, use our product while they’re at it.

We sat down with 3 of our Austin based Wiser’s to ask about their Mobile Wiser experience and what they took away from it. Here’s what Paige, a Due Diligence team lead, Chris, a Recruiter, and Adith, an L3 engineer had to say about their experience.


Where did you Mobile Wiser from & why?

Paige: I have used Mobile Wiser in both Florida and Pennsylvania. I used it to visit both locations to spend time with my family.

Chris: During my Mobile Wiser experience I had the opportunity to work from Lima, Peru for the entire month of February 2023. I was eager to explore a new culture and immerse myself in a different environment. Lima offered a rich history, vibrant cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, and warm weather which made it an ideal destination for both work and leisure. The city also provided a favorable time zone overlap with my colleagues/stakeholders and allowed for seamless collaboration and communication despite the physical distance.

Adith: I primarily used the Mobile Wiser opportunity to work from India, my home country. My wife and I are from different states in India and being a Mobile Wiser gives us ENOUGH time to get over homesickness and spend time with our loved ones. In my opinion, this hybrid setup is one of the best employee benefits we have. My friends in other companies are quite envious of how I travel and visit home so often.


What is your favorite memory or biggest takeaway from the time you were mobile wising?

Paige: My favorite memory is all the time Mobile Wiser has given me to spend with my grandmother. She is elderly and these times are irreplaceable. The biggest takeaway for me was how much I appreciate the flexibility Wise gives me to travel and spend time with my family.

Chris: My fondest memories from working remotely in Lima, Peru was the opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture. It was an incredible experience to explore the city’s historical landmarks, such as Plaza de Armas and the ruins of Huaca Pucllana. I also had the chance to indulge in ceviche and local street foods. My biggest takeaway from my time in Lima was being able to broaden my horizons, foster personal growth, and memories that I’ll always treasure.

Adith: I wouldn’t call it a “good memory” but my Mom caught Covid during one of the waves and I had the opportunity to visit my family and be with them whilst being a Mobile Wiser (she’s all good now, thanks!). This flexible setup allowed me to avoid taking an unnecessary long leave and that, for me, is the biggest takeaway. 


How did your experience impact your day-to-day work & how did it change during the time you were mobile wising?

Paige: My day-to-day work stayed the same while I was mobile wising. I was still able to support my team and conduct 1on1s to ensure my team had everything they needed, even while I was in a different time zone!

Chris: The change in environment and surroundings provided a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of inspiration. Waking up to different scenery, experiencing a new culture, and exploring a different city energized me and sparked creativity. This, in turn, positively influenced my productivity and the quality of my work. I found myself approaching tasks with a renewed enthusiasm and a broader outlook. Also, the experience of working remotely from a different country enhanced my ability to work autonomously and be self-disciplined. Without the usual office structure and familiar surroundings, I had to rely on my own motivation and organizational skills to manage my tasks and meet deadlines. This experience allowed me to cultivate a greater sense of responsibility and self-direction in my work.

Adith: Although there is a slight time difference between Europe and India, I appreciate how my team was always accommodating and helpful. There were some days when I worked early shifts and then there were days when I had to work until late India time. I believe flexibility, clear communication and getting things done are key factors whilst being a Mobile Wiser. This ensures that the work and team bonding continues smoothly.