Embracing Global Connections: Wise’s Mission Days Event



Each year Wise holds an annual festival we like to call Mission Days. Mission Days is an opportunity for Wisers to connect around the globe, come together and foster relationships. We spoke with McKinley Huff, Austin’s People Operations Advisor, as she shares her experience attending this transformative gathering. From the diverse and inclusive atmosphere to the thoughtfully designed collaboration, McKinley’s journey unveils the power of networking, cross-team collaboration, and gaining a global perspective that propels Wise’s mission forward.

As a new hire, did you have the opportunity to attend the recent company event in Tallinn with global attendance? What were your overall impressions and experiences of the event in Tallinn?

While I have been at Wise for nearly a year, this was my first opportunity to attend the global Mission Days event with members from our teams from across the globe. Meeting Wisers from different countries and backgrounds was truly inspiring. It reinforced the fact that Wise is a diverse and inclusive organization that values the contributions and perspectives of individuals from all around the world. 

The event itself was thoughtfully designed to foster meaningful discussions and collaboration. This format allowed for open and honest conversations throughout the week that just can’t happen as easily over Zoom and Slack. 

Overall, my experience provided me with a deeper understanding of Wise’s mission, the progress we have made, and the immense potential for future growth. 

How did you find the experience of networking and connecting with colleagues and attendees from different parts of the world?

The experience of networking and connecting with Wisers from different parts of the world provided me with a unique opportunity to expand my professional network and forge meaningful connections with individuals who I have worked with remotely for almost a year. Just getting the opportunity to give the members of my global team a hug, or high five after all of the hard work we have done together over the past year made the trip across the world worth it. 

Engaging in conversations with Wisers from different parts of the world also allowed me to gain a broader understanding of the challenges and opportunities across our offices around the globe. It was fascinating to hear firsthand accounts of their experiences, learn from their unique insights, and exchange ideas on how we could collectively drive Wise’s mission forward.

Even the informal networking opportunities, such as meals and social activities, allowed for more relaxed and casual conversations with Wiser’s I may not always have the opportunity to interact with on a day to day basis. 

Were there any specific highlights or memorable moments from the event that you’d like to share? 

One of the most memorable highlights from the event was the opportunity to network with the entire global People team from across the globe for the first time. As a new hire, this was an exceptional experience that allowed me to connect with Wisers who played a crucial role in my onboarding journey and thank them for the support they have given me.

How do you think this global event in Tallinn might impact the way you interact with your team or other teams going forward?

Mission Days emphasised the importance of cross-team collaboration and encouraged a spirit of openness and knowledge sharing. I learned the power of diverse perspectives and the value of seeking input from colleagues outside of my immediate team. This experience has made me more proactive in reaching out to other teams, seeking their insights, and finding opportunities for collaboration.

Mission Days also highlighted the significance of building strong relationships with Wisers from different departments and regions. The connections I made during the event have created a network of professionals whom I can reach out to for support, advice, and collaborative efforts. 

Furthermore, the event reinforced the importance of maintaining a global perspective in my work. Interacting with Wisers from various parts of the world has made me more aware of the cultural nuances and location-specific challenges that we need to cater to as a global company.

Did you have any discussions or interactions with colleagues or attendees that shed light on the current trends or challenges in our industry on a global scale?

The discussions and interactions with Wisers during the event shed light on several current trends and challenges in our industry on a global scale. Conversations with colleagues from various regions revealed the complexity and ever-changing nature of regulatory frameworks in both HR and the financial industry. 

We spoke of and highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with all of our different locations and meeting all of our diverse needs as a People team. It became evident that understanding local market dynamics and effectively navigating cultural nuances are crucial for a successful global People Team. 

Any advice you would give anyone new to Wise or someone who has never attended Mission days previously?

Embrace the opportunity and get out of your comfort zone. The opportunity to be in the same venue as 2,500+ other Wisers working toward the same mission only happens once a year. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with Wisers from different teams, learn from their expertise, and contribute your own insights. Be proactive in engaging with others and participating in discussions.Take advantage of the networking opportunities and reach out to colleagues from different departments, regions, and levels of experience. Building relationships and connections can be invaluable for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and progress toward our mission.

Mission Days is just a step in a Wiser’s journey at Wise. Remember to stay engaged and connected with the Wise community beyond just the event.