Early careers wisewomencode program

What is WiseWomenCode?

WiseWomenCode is a three day immersive experience launched by Wise to help erase obstacles to careers in technology. Through this initiative we hope to increase diversity within the tech industry. WiseWomenCode will take place in our London 🇬🇧 and Tallinn 🇪🇪 offices on the 26th-29th of March 2023!

At Wise, we believe that in order to build a diverse, empathetic and inclusive product we have to have a diverse team working on it. Unfortunately the tech industry, although having made a lot of progress, is still not as diverse as it needs to be. So in an effort to help encourage women who are just getting started to enter the industry, we’ve decided to open our doors to show the inner workings of Wise.

We’re welcoming women and non-binary people to our offices, for three days of knowledge sharing, side by side coding sessions, networking and more, to provide a glimpse to the FinTech working world. You’ll be welcomed by representatives and leaders from the tech industry and Wise.

We encourage applications from 1st year students, those having recently switched careers, or those who are getting back into the workforce after leave. But we’re also open to any female/non-binary individuals interested in getting started in coding!

Team members collaborating
This program has given me much more confidence in terms of getting into the tech industry. Everything was very open and welcoming, and everyone was at the same level. Even after been here for just three days, I feel like I was part of the company.
WiseWomenCode participant 2022