We’re in this together

We’re revolutionising an industry so it can be chaotic and challenging. Sometimes we fail, and that’s okay. It’s a great way to learn. 

Wise is made up of people who care deeply about our mission, get stuff done, put customers first and work to avoid unnecessary drama.


Our values

These are our 4 core values:

  1. This isn’t just a job, we’re a revolution.
  2. We get it done.
  3. Customers > team > ego
  4. No drama. Good karma.

We’re human beings, and none of us are perfect. But we are in this together. So if you feel that someone has room to improve, speak up. None of us can get better without feedback.

Teambuilding at TransferWise
Values at transferwise

This isn’t just a job, we’re a revolution

We’re making a positive, important change in the world.

We can’t do this hanging out in our comfort zones.

No-one can do this alone. We need each other.

We get it done

We break through walls to make amazing things happen.

We take ownership of what we do. This thing belongs to all of us.

We take care of ourselves and each other.

team activities

Customers > team > ego

We’re working to create a better world for our customers – that’s the whole point.

Customer voices should always be the loudest. We listen to and serve them as a team.

Ego? Vanity? No. Stay humble.

Customers first
Customers, team, ego

No drama. Good karma

We start by assuming everyone has good intentions.

We respect others’ worldviews and challenge arguments, not individuals.

We’re open and honest – no hidden agendas here.

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