Benefits in our Tallinn office


Here’s an overview of our offer and benefits in Tallinn. We know everyone needs a little something different to do their best work and if you’d like to learn more about why we offer what we do visit our offer overview page here

Financial benefits and discounts

RSUs: We offer everyone who works for us RSUs as we’re building Wise together and want you to share in the success of our $5billion company on a mission.

Personal development: There’s no shortage of learning opportunities at Wise and it’s up to you to choose where you want to develop your skills. That’s why all our employees have a dedicated yearly allowance to boost their professional development.

Wellness and retail discounts: We have several partnerships in Tallinn that offer various discounts on their services. Examples include discounts on lunch, office supplies, healthcare and beauty salons.

Taking care of your family

Tallinn children’s daycare: We have a daycare centre opposite our office, employees with little ones are able to get a discount.

Parental leave — Family comes first and we don’t want people to miss out on any of the special, important moments.

So we offer:

  • Statutory maternity leave, with a perk of 18 fully paid weeks of parental leave for birth or adoption, if you’ve been at Wise for 1+ year at the due date or adoption date. This applies regardless of gender, or your partner’s parental leave policies.
  • Paternity leave for 18 weeks at full pay.
  • 10 days leave on full pay if affected by pregnancy loss, ​​including to Wisers who are partners or surrogate mothers.

team member sitting on a giant cushion in the office

Health and wellbeing

Annual leave: At Wise, you’ll get 28 annual leave days, plus 5 extra days for public holidays. If a public holidays fall onto a weekend, you can use that day off during the working week at another time. So altogether, you’ll get 33 days off every year.

Employee Assistance Programme: Our assistance programme provides 24/7 expert guidance and specialist support on any issue, from everyday matters to more serious problems that affect our employee’s wellbeing. Available online, over the phone and face to face, it’s free for all employees and confidential.

Paid sabbatical: To reward the time and effort you’ll put into Wise after 4 years working here, you’ll have the option to take 6-weeks paid time off and £1,000 financial support in addition to your annual leave.

Paid sick leave: You can use sick leave when it’s registered by your doctor. As a perk we maintain your full salary for 15 days.

‘Me days’: 3 ‘me days’ per year to help you manage life — this can be used for life admin, when the world becomes a little too much, or for errands like vet visits.

Hybrid model of flexible working: Our employees can work remotely for 90 days a year. By ‘remote’ we don’t just mean from home, but from wherever in the world our employees choose. In addition to that, employees can choose to work from home up to three days a week. Find out more about our hybrid model of flexible working and why we introduced it from here.
*subject to tax, visa, performance and operational needs

Compassionate leave: We try our best to help our employees balance their work life with their personal/family life. There may be times when you need to care for another, have a family emergency that you weren’t expecting, or a bereavement. Compassionate leave is in place to use in these situations and covers up to 5 paid days per calendar year.

D-vitamin tests: In addition to your mandatory health check, we provide a D-vitamin test to complement the package.

Sports and wellbeing compensation: You’ll receive 90€ credit per quarter to use on various services through Stebby – a platform for sports compensation management.

On site gym: We have an onsite gym in our office so you can keep fit whenever you want.

Eyewear compensation: You can apply for glasses or contact lens compensation up to 50€. 

Volunteering day off: All full-time, active employees are provided 8 hours of paid Volunteer Time on an annual basis.

team members playing table football in the office

A home away from home

Food and drinks: To start your day we’ll provide you with breakfast every day, which offers coffee, tea, toast, cereals and more to get your brain cells up and running. When you’re craving a snack, you can find a variety of treats and drinks in our kitchen. Once a week we host Smoothie Mondays and plus weekly brunch or Pizza lunches.

Social events and paid company trip: We arrange various local company events throughout the year, as well as coming together for larger gatherings with our colleagues around the world, for example, Mission Days. Every year, we take all our employees on a paid company trip. The goal is to bring everyone together, have fun, align on our goals and celebrate our mission. Unfortunately the global pandemic has put our loved tradition on hold, but we’re definitely bringing it back when we can. Until then, we’re connecting locally, where and in ways we can.

Dogs: We’re a dog friendly company. You’re welcome to bring your well behaved friends to the office or pet the ones brought in by our colleagues.

Games area: Beat your colleagues with your table tennis and football skills or just relax on our console games.

Sauna and terrace: You can use the sauna and grill on our terrace to relax and hangout with your team.